PlayStation 4 Crashes Finally Gets A Solution From Sony

Game company Sony Interactive Entertainment has finally given a statement regarding the PlayStation 4 freezes that was reported recently.

PlayStation 4 freeze gets a solution

Sony has finally commented on the freezing issue and has provided an easy way to fix this unlucky issue. They tweeted that the error that was bricking the consoles was not actually the case. Instead, it was only receiving the weird message and it turned into a crash loop that was completely impossible to remove on the system alone.

To finally end this nightmare, players only need to open the PS mobile app and go to the Safe Mode selection. They should choose option 5 and then the PS4 should finally come back to its original and safe form. This was actually suggested by other Reddit users already that were complaining about this issue, but some of them did not make it work. This is the official steps to follow, which should fix the problem in a correct manner.

It is still advisable to change the messaging option on the PS4 to only receive from the friends list for now.

Source: PlayStation UK Twitter