Persona 5 The Royal Trailer Revealed With New Female Character

Persona 5 The Royal female character

Game companies Atlus and SEGA recently revealed a brand new teaser for possibly an upcoming definitive edition of the JRPG Persona 5 The Royal.

Persona 5 The Royal new teaser

The new teaser was recently launched on March 23, and the two gaming companies Atlus and SEGA showed off some hints of what is to come for the new version of the original game Persona 5. This was actually shown during the Persona 5 The Animation Stars and Ours special, and it finally revealed what the rumored persona 5 R actually was.

Several rumors abound this new version of Persona 5, and one of them seems to be a selectable female protagonist. In the trailer, a female character was focused and several parts of her body were shown. It revealed that she is a first year high school student at Shujin High School, the male protagonist’s school. She was asked by an unknown man about what she thought of the famous Phantom Thieves. She replied a somewhat honest opinion about them and she particularly did not like the methods they use to solve problems.

For the fans of the Persona series, The Royal version could be just like Persona 4 Golden. It might include some new characters, stories, sidequests, weapons, events, and maybe even more.

The original game, Persona 5, is already available on PlayStation 4.

Check out the teaser trailer below:

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