Persona 5 Royal Has New Elements, New Mechanics Explained

Persona 5 Royal

Game publisher Atlus recently released a brand new video for upcoming video game Persona 5 Royal featuring new mechanics.

Persona 5 Royal new mechanics detailed

The latest video called Morgana’s Report #2 revealed some additional details on the upcoming video game.

First info is that Kasumi’s confidant is represented by the tarot card La Foi, which means faith in French. Her persona is called Cendrillon that uses Bless attributes and Physical attributes skills. Morgana did clarify that Kasumi could be an enemy or ally. It was revealed that the Phantom Thieves and Kasumi might not be in good terms in the first part of the story.

The game will have a gallery like-mode. This allows players to rewatch scenes. Akechi Goro will have some new elements, but no further details were explained.

There are new elements regarding the dungeons and battles. The new Kyoma is a stronger type of enemy. It can systematically counterattack when they are attacked, even if they were hit by a multi-target skill. If defeated, they will drop very rare items.

Volition treasures were revealed as well. They are special treasures separated into multiple parts in dungeons. If all parts are found, it will fuse into an accessory. It can unlock powerful skills that characters can equip. It can allow characters to use skills that usually do not learn from.

All of the party members will have new casual clothes outfits in this game as well. There are wire mechanics in this new version as well to avoid traps or reach new places. The wire can be used to ambush enemies from a distance. The wire is a skill unlocked after reaching confidant level 4 with Kasumi.

Gun customization now has more depth with even more customization choices. Players can now make their guns shoot ammo with debuff or status effects. Compared to the original version, the Royal version will also get their ammo back after each battle.

The game launches on Oct. 31 in Japan. The western version arrives in 2020. It will be a PlayStation 4 exclusive release.

Check out the trailer here: