Persona 5 R Finally Confirmed By Atlus With Teaser Trailer

Persona 5 take your heart

Game company Atlus recently confirmed that the long-rumored version of Persona 5 called Persona 5 R will launch sometime soon.

Persona 5 R now a reality

After several hints from the gaming company in the past few weeks, Atlus has finally revealed the newest version. There is still no detailed information of the contents for the upcoming new edition, but they said that they will release more information next year. The new project will have more details this coming March 2019.

There are several rumors popping out as this new announcement came about. Some say that the R version of this game will be similar to the previous title called Persona 4 Golden. There might be some new features and content to the original one.

The game will launch on PlayStation 4.

Check out the trailer below: