Overwatch Gets New Support Hero From Haiti With Origins Trailer

Overwatch Baptiste

Game company Blizzard recently revealed the next hero to join the big roster of popular online FPS Overwatch and he is from Haiti.

Overwatch reveals Baptiste

The new hero joining the roster is none other than Baptiste the medic. He is a support hero and comes from the country Haiti, which was ravaged by war and suffering according to the new origins trailer. His full name is Jean-Baptiste Augustin and he was a victim of the Omnic war. He became an orphan after that.

He joined the forces fighting the Omnics as a medic, but after the war he had issues finding work. He joined Talon, but after he saw that they behaved like a bunch of criminals, he left it. He became a wanted man, but helped the ones that needed it instead.

The full game is now available on PlayStation 4. There is still no official date for the launch of the new hero right now. This was the tease before he became an official character.

Check out the trailer below: