Overwatch Newest Playable Character Is Gang Leader Ashe

Overwatch Ashe

Game company Blizzard recently announced a new playable character will be joining the ever-popular online video game Overwatch.

Overwatch gains Ashe

The newest playable character is the female Deadlock Gang leader Ashe. She is also a Western themed hero like cowbow McCree and she also has some kind of relationship with him. She was introduced in the Reunion cinematic short film starring McCree, her and the gang, and maybe a future heroine called Echo.

This gang leader has a lever-action rifle as her main weapon that she can ADS with. There is also a shotgun that she can use for close range battles. It can be used to blow back both herself and the opponent and can be used to jump up in the air when shooting at the ground. She has some dynamite to light and up throw for massive damage and her ultimate lets her summon a fellow gang member called Bob to knock out and deal damage to enemies.

The game is now available on PlayStation 4.

Check out her trailer below:

Source: Official Website