Our Favorite Legends in ‘Apex Legends’

Apex Legends has become an ever-growing popular battle royale game. Many players have put their hours into Respawn Entertainment’s newest free-to-play shooter. Apex Legends is fun, and really engaging due to the fact that the ping system is just brilliant.

Knowing that I don’t even like battle royale games that much; even I poured tons of hours in playing Apex Legends. I never really seen myself so invested in a battle royale game this much (read my review here!). Among the three popular battle royale games (PUBG and Fortnite), Apex makes itself interesting with the inclusion of Legends – a term used for the game’s classes with unique abilities. There are six Legends available from the get-go with the other two as unlockables.

I went ahead to ask my team in PlayStation Galaxy (those who played the game) their favorite Legends.

Bangalore. I love using the smoke as a misdirect,” said Erickson Melchor. He also mentions that the Passive Ability that makes Bangalore moves faster gives him the chance to play a ‘little aggressively’ in his matches. “And the Ultimate Ability [Rolling Thunder] forces everyone to think twice about holding a position.

Robert Enciso gives the Wraith a great word, he finds her Passive Ability, Voice from the Void, a great way to notice enemy players especially those who love to use sniper rifles and flanking. He added that the Tactical Ability, Into the Void, is pretty useful when pulling yourself out from heated battles. According to Robert, “I mostly use the Ultimate Ability [Dimensional Rift] for baits or giving my teammates quick access to vantage points if they got a sniper.

Jarren Navarrete, however, loves to play it slow, tactical, and take advantage of the Legends ability. Hence, this is why he’s our trap master in Apex Legends as Caustic. “I like gassing people as Caustic, defensive style that pushes away and repels attackers. Gives me some security,” he said.

Carri Abenoja and I definitely find Bloodhound the best Legend there is. Carri mentioned that Bloodhound’s Tactical Ability, Eye of the Allfather, is really helpful to spot enemies and that he can ping like crazy when it happens! With the Legend’s Ultimate Ability, Beast of the Hunt, it gives both of us the adrenaline to look for, and chase after, enemy players and kill take them out. We both find Bloodhound very effective in combat and that his abilities can greatly contribute to winning a game.

Who’s your favorite Legend and why? Let us know in the comments below!

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