Oninaki Reveals New Daemon Dia Gameplay Video

Oninaki Dia gameplay

Game publisher Square Enix recently released a brand new gameplay video for upcoming video game Oninaki featuring another Daemon character.

Oninaki new gameplay trailer focuses on Dia

The latest gameplay video that was uploaded recently by Square Enix featured another Daemon character by the name of Dia, which is voiced by Satomi Satou. With her equipped on the players’ characters, they can gain special Daemon attacks to enhance their skills and abilities.

Check out the overview of Dia here:

A Daemon whose courteous manner and graceful bearing exude an air of refinement. Dia always prioritizes her companions above herself. She still holds distant memories of wandering through the darkness, and a faint light dancing in the palm of a hand. Wielding a crossbow in one hand and a pistol in the other, Dia excels at unleashing a hail of attacks from afar. She can spring into the air, putting distance between herself and her foes, even while maintaining the onslaught.

The game will launch on PlayStation 4. It will be released worldwide on Aug. 22.

Here’s that new gameplay trailer:

Source: Official Website