OneeChanbara Origin PS4 Exclusive Reveals New Important Details

Oneechanbara Origins Aya

Game publisher D3 Publisher and developer Tamsoft recently gave some details about the upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive video game OneeChanbara Origin.

OneeChanbara Origin story details

The developer and publisher revealed that the game will take place in 20XX Tokyo. This is the time where the world got devastated by a zombie outbreak and the focus will be around two sisters, who are Aya and Saki. Both of them have the same father but have different mothers. They have the bloodline of assassins and their father abandoned Saki and her mother, taking only Aya with him to train her. Down the course of time, Saki’s mother was murdered and when her death was known, Aya’s father disappeared. Aya then took the job as a zombie hunter with the sword skills she learned. Saki fell into darkness, blamed the world, and sought ancient arts to revive her while controlling zombies and spreading chaos.


Aya is a descendant of the ancient clan of assassins called the Pure Blood. There is actually a reason why she only wears a bikini during battles. When she is drenched by the blood of zombies, she can then remove the limiter and enter a berserk state that enhances her abilities. She is also the master of dual wielding, kics, and kunai throwing.

Saki is the stepsister of Aya. Thinking that Aya and her father betrayed and killed her mother, she is now on the road for revenge and hones her sword skills. She learns an ancient technique that could resurrect her mother, but in order to do that she needs the heart of a member of the Pure Blood clan.

Rei is a zombie hunter like Aya and acts like an info broker. Aya kills zombies and for that Rei will tell her some information about her family’s whereabouts. They are business partners and contacts Aya via radio.

The game is confirmed to be launched in the West. There is still no specific release date, but it will be released this year.