Onechanbara Origin To Launch This Coming Fall In Japan

Onechanbara Origin fight

Game publisher D3 Publisher and developer Tamsoft recently announced that upcoming video game Onechanbara Origin will launch soon.

Onechanbara Origin release date details

The upcoming zombie beat ‘em up video game will launch in Japan this coming Fall. Its first trailer was also released together with this announcement.

Check out some new details about the game below:

Aya and Saki’s Father, Oboro (voiced by Rikiya Koyama)

A sudden reunion.

Aya and Saki’s father, and master swordsman. He works as an assassin, and has trained Aya in swordsmanship since she was young. It seems that there was once a time where he worked alongside his wife Tsubaki in order to destroy an organization that uses Baneful Blood. Oboro was the father who disappeared after learning about the death of Tsubaki… but upon reuniting with his beloved daughter Aya, who was in pursuit of Saki, he seemed to be in an unusual state. He says that his daughter Aya is Tsubaki’s enemy, and then suddenly attacks her.

A father who lost his sanity and attacks his daughter.

After reuniting with his daughter, Oboro lost his sanity. Aya had no choice but to return fire. The battle with her father was a battle of Baneful assassins.

At the end of the battle, Oboro tells Aya the full sequence of events thus far. He went on a journey on his own to take revenge on Tsubaki’s enemies, and was finally able to find out the identity of the person pulling the strings. However, Saki, who was captured by that person, is trying to dig up and resurrect Tsubaki’s remains. Additionally, Oboro has lost control of his Baneful blood and faces daily lacks of sanity, and thus should not live much longer. The tragic Oboro tells Aya that the name of the person pulling the strings is Eva. He also tells her another shocking truth revealed for the first time. And finally, he says to “protect Saki…”

Zombie Bosses Sayaka and Anzu

Among the many enemies that appeared in the original The Onechanbara and The Onechanbara 2 were the popular high school sister zombies Sayaka and Anzu. Some fans called them “The Claw and the Iron Ball.” They were even resurrected as enemy characters in Onechanbara Z2: Chaos. Of course, although they are zombies, these somehow lovable girls who can talk like humans will be even cuter this time around.

The Battle Between Sisters

Aya bursts into the underground temple in which Saki lives. Saki is there awaiting her arrival. Saki tells her she will use her heart to resurrect her dead mother. Aya asks her what value there is in a mother resurrected as a monster. But Saki will not listen to her. And with that, the battle of the best swordsmen of the Baneful clan begins…

Check out the trailer below: