One Piece World Seeker Reveals Opening Cutscene Video

One Piece World Seeker Luffy

Game publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment recently revealed a brand new video of upcoming video game One Piece World Seeker featuring the opening cutscene.

One Piece World Seeker opening cutscene details

The new footage features the opening cutscene of the game where the hero Monkey D. Luffy seemed to be captured by the Marines and now headed for the flying Sky Prison. It was actually a heist and they were trying to infiltrate it to find some treasure. To escape, most of them fight against the troops of the new prison warden, which is an original character for this game. Luffy falls down to escape, but instead is punched behind and plunges into the sea. He is saved by Jeanne, which as of now a mysterious woman living on the island below the Sky Prison.

Players will control Luffy throughout the game as he explores the multiple islands. He can use his iconic attacks and his Gear form powerups. He can also do some stealth moves, has some sonar-like ability, can infiltrate areas, and even eliminate foes with one strike.

The game was developed by Ganbarion. This studio released several awesome games in the past like Pandora’s Tower.

The game will launch this coming March 15. It will be available on PlayStation 4.

Check out the video now below: