Omen Of Sorrow Releases Soon On PS4 With Launch Trailer

Omen of Sorrow fight

Game developer AOne Games recently released a brand new launch trailer of upcoming action fighting video game Omen of Sorrow.

Omen of Sorrow finally launching

Co-founder and technical director Sebastian Gana recently announced that their fighting video game will launch on Nov. 6 with a brand new trailer showcasing the mechanics. It will also feature two new characters: Arctorious, the Headless Horseman, and Thalessa, the Invisible Queen.

This is actually and 2D fighting game that was inspired by classical horror stories, but with their own twists for each of them. These includes several characters like Caleb the fearsome Werwolf, Frankenstein’s Monster called Adam, Vladislav III, Quasimodo the Watcher, and more.

There is single player content that includes a dark Story Mode that tells the story of each character in the game. It involves the search for the manuscript known by the game’s title. It will branch out and will have players play as different characters as they continue to progress and unlock new chapters in the story. There is also the Arcade mode that goes through a gauntlet and end up facing the final boss. Fighting in these modes will unlock new characters for the roster.

There are also other modes as well like training, local Versus Mode, and the Online Mode. There are unlockable content too like the Image Gallery, videos, custom avatars, and player titles that are more than 200 unlockables in total.

The game will be available on the PlayStation Store.

Check out the trailer below:

Source: PlayStation Blog