No Man’s Sky The Abyss Free Update Is Now Live

No Man's Sky underwater journey

Game developer Hello Games recently announced that the latest update The Abyss of No Man’s sky is now available for download.

No Man’s sky The Abyss haunts the underwater areas

The new update will focus more on the eerier elements of the game to keep with the theme of this season. It re-imagined the underwater gameplay and brought some scary scenes for the players. It introduced new aquatic environments with over five times more variety, varied creature behaviors, and improved visuals when underwater.

Underwater biomes improved

With the new The Abyss update, the underwater biomes are now improved with some rare exotic biomes that are available for exploration. There are also some interesting and frequent creatures that are just waiting to be visited in the depths with some terrifying monsters on the ocean floor.

There are also some sunken wrecks that can contain some ancient treasures or buildings that have remnants of its lost occupant. Sunken freighters are also present with some loot, and with the terrain manipulator, players can dig up some buried treasure. They can also repair broken star ships and get them working again.

A darker narrative

Players can try out the new story, The Dreams of the Deep, which will bring a new, but dark narrative to the game. It will follow the story of the players discovering what happened to a troubled crew that became stranded after their freighter crashed. There is also another narrative where they explore underwater ruins to locate a lost soul.

Submarine type

The game has a submarine type Exocraft called the Nautilon, which allows players to explore underwater without swimming around personally. The vehicle can be summoned to any ocean on the planet and can be docked at underwater buildings. Technology and style can be customized too.

There are other content additions as well like marine shelters, glass corridors, viewing bays, and multistory submersible view domes. There is also an indoor aquarium to decorate the land base.

The game is now available on PlayStation 4.

Check out the trailer below:

Source: PlayStation Blog