Nippon Ichi Software Having Financial Trouble, Salaries Withheld

Nippon Ichi Software logo

The developer studio behind the popular Disgaea RPG series, Nippon Ichi Software, is reportedly having problems with finances and is currently having issues with paying their employees.

Nippon Ichi Software is in trouble

Several Japanese gaming news publications recently reported the troubles of the popular gaming studio, and it is due to their problematic finances. The development and publishing company has been suffering for some time now due to poor sales of their games in their country Japan. Due to the issues that kept piling up surrounding their latest mobile game Disgaea RPG, NIS could not even afford to pay the salaries of their employees.

To mend this financial crisis and raise enough money to pay for development staff’s labor costs, NIS has now resorted to a Moving Strike Warrant. MS Warrant is a method of raising funds that could not be acquired through normal means of borrowing from banks of investors.

NIS will now have to raise money by selling their stocks at a cheap price. Security companies will greatly profit from buying these cheaper stocks.

There is no clear information if this news will impact the future of upcoming titles.