NiOh 2 Closed Alpha Gets Revealed With First Actual Gameplay Video

Nioh 2 plead for life

Game publisher Koei Tecmo and developer Team Ninja made a surprise announcement recently that the long-awaited sequel NiOh 2 will be getting a closed alpha test soon.

NiOh 2 closed alpha details

The recent announcement was a big surprise for the gaming community since Team Ninja and even Koei Tecmo did not give any details after this sequel was announced way back. Now, a closed alpha period was announced at it is set to go live this coming Friday, May 24. It will be available on the PlayStation 4, and some console might be lucky to get an invite. The alpha test will last for over a week until June 2.

Gameplay footage was revealed as well. It showcased what the upcoming sequel is offering and it looked promising. It is still NiOh, but with better visuals, new abilities, and a new mechanics that turns the main character into an Oni.

The upcoming game will launch exclusively on PlayStation 4.

Here’s the gameplay footage: