New Game Complex Sky Trailer Revealed

complex sky trailer

Publisher Critical Reflex did not just stop at revealing a trailer Freaked Fleapit, they also revealed another game called Complex Sky. In Complex Sky, you are tasked to build the world’s first sustainable city in the sky. In this game’s version of the future, the world has been devastated by pollution and it’s up to you to find a more suitable place for people to live. In this case, you are building a home for people in the sky.

Check out the Complex Sky trailer below:

Below are the key features of the game:

  • Enjoy a genre-blending mix of city-building gameplay with puzzle and strategy elements.
  • Build beautiful, gravity-defying landscapes – and optimize production lines to keep the city alive and growing.
  • Manage the city’s mass, processing power and other valuable resources to keep the city afloat
  • Populate your utopia with people – assign your workforce properly to ensure stable growth
  • Stack or flip any structure in the game
  • Multiple game modes, from a story-based CHALLENGE mode to a free-range SANDBOX
  • Striking minimalist art style, enhanced by a playful, upbeat soundtrack 

The game is being developed by Complex Blue Studio, which is a one-man indie studio and will be coming out to PC.

Source: Press Release

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