New Game Blight: No Man’s Land Revealed

blight no man's land

Upcoming Blight: No Man’s Land delivers a gritty 1-4 player co-operative medieval action-adventure experience pitting you, and up to three other players, against the unforgiving horrors of the harrowing no man’s land.

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Watch the teaser below :

The teaser doesn’t really provide much but it does give us a few key information about the game. Firstly, it tells us that this game is being made in the Unreal Engine which means it’s going to deliver us great graphics.

It also shows us that the setting is in the medieval ages due to it showing us two characters in full metal armor. It would be interesting to note that they say the phrase “Can you survive the Blight?” It’s already giving off a Dark Souls vibe. We still don’t know much about the game other than this teaser but it would be interesting to play a co-op soulslike game and see how that will work out.

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