Mortal Kombat X Stream Catches Weird Glitch Ingame

Mortal Kombat X scorpion

A recent live stream video of Mortal Kombat X on popular streamer and action fighting player Sonic Fox’s channel showed a very weird and creepy glitch in one of the bouts.

Mortal Kombat X glitch looks creepy

There are several unintentional glitches that happen in games, but something in the Mortal Kombat series could look especially scary due to the creepy atmosphere and unsettling scenery. In a recent stream by Sonic Fox, such a creepy glitch happened during one of the fights between popular game players Rewind and Noble Semiji. They were doing a Kotal Kahn mirror match on the Sky Temple stage.

In the Sky Temple stage, players could grab monks in the background and the throw it across the screen in order to damage opponents. This is where the creepy glitch happens

As the players go for round two, a quick monk sprite could be seen standing in a T-pose while facing away from the camera. To some it just looked like some weird bug happening, but to others it looked like it was a ghost that appeared out of nowhere just like in horror movies. Some of the players could be heard telling streamers to clip the footage so that they could inspect it later on.

The game is now available on PlayStation 4.