Monster Hunter: World Breaks CAPCOM Records With Sales

Game company CACPOM recently announced that recently released and popular video game Monster Hunter: World has broken its records with its current sales.

Monster Hunter: World record breaker

CAPCOM recently revealed that the popular video game has shipped with over 10 million units all over the world. They have now experience a 110.1 percent year-on-year increase thanks to this game’s sales.

Here are the details from the game publisher itself:

This quarter, Monster Hunter: World, which has caused a sensation in the market since its January release, drove results after surpassing 10 million units shipped—a first for any single title in Capcom’s history. Also in the core Digital Contents business, titles such as the new Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection, released outside of Japan, and the Mega Man X Legacy Collection performed well. Additionally, as a result of healthy sales growth of high-margin catalog titles, the Digital Contents business drove earnings, resulting in the highest operating income at the end of a second quarter in company history.

Due to the game’s updates by CAPCOM to make improvements of its quality and then the holidays are finally around, sales might heighten once more.

Source: Official Website