Monster Hunter World Gets Crossover With Assassin’s Creed Origins

Monster Hunter World x Assassin's Creed Origins

Game publisher CAPCOM recently announced that a new quest in popular multiplayer video game Monster Hunter World will unlock new costumes based on another video game.

Monster Hunter World crosses with Assassins Creed

A new quest was recently introduced into the game that crosses over with one of the popular stealth action video game series: Assassin’s Creed. This is a new Event Quest and for those who have completed it, players will be able to unlock some Assassin’s Creed Origins items that they can use in the game.

The name of the quest is called SDF: Silent, Deadly, and Fierce. This will make players attempt to slay an Odogaron, a Deviljho, and a Lunastra. After finishing a quest, the monsters will drop a Senu’s Feather, and four feathers will be the cost of crafting the Assassin’s Cred costumes. They can craft the Bayek armor and the Assassin’s Hood.

Bayek’s armor will not have any stat increase bonuses because it is only cosmetic. The Assassin’s Hood will increase movement speed and stealth.

The game is now available on PlayStation 4.

Check out the trailer below: