Metro Exodus Gets New Story Trailer Featuring Brutal Combat

Metro Exodus team

Game developer 4A Games and publisher Deep Silver recently released a brand new story trailer of upcoming video game Metro Exodus featuring its brutal combat gameplay.

Metro Exodus new story trailer details

The developer and publisher recently announced that they will reveal new details of the game this week for five days in total. This new story trailer is the second one of the information batch and it tells how desolate and dangerous the game’s world is, which can be explored by the players as they take control of Artyom.

The trailer is actually narrated by the voice of Anna, a top sniper and the wife of Artyom. She describes the year-long journey into the unknown as they chase the belief that there is life outside of the hell they are in right now. It also shows off some cool cutscenes and several new characters that will be present in the game.

The game will launch on Feb. 15 on PlayStation 4.

Check out the story trailer here: