Metal Max Xeno PS4 Exclusive New Trailer Features Combat On Foot

Metal Max Xeno Talis

Game publisher NIS America recently released a brand new trailer of game developer Kadokawa Games’ upcoming JRPG Metal Max Xeno.

Metal Max Xeno new trailer contents

The new trailer that the publisher released featured mostly about how the characters in the game would fight against enemies while being on foot. This video game is all about vehicle combat, but there is an option that they can fight without riding those. It is a pure open-world JRPG, even though if the battles are actually turn-based and quite traditional.

The trailer starts off with the main protagonist running around the Mishuku Northwest Defense Tower and then encountering some enemies. These are the Dark Moles, which look like moles holding something above their heads. Talis and the gang use their weapons against them to deal a large amount of damage. They even use a few skills just to increase the damage they can deal.

The game will launch this Sept. 25 in North America and Sept. 28 in Europe. This will be a PlayStation 4 exclusive in the west, but in Japan, it will have a PlayStation Vita version.

Check out the trailer below: