Metal Gear Solid Famous Singer Teases Secret Project Working On

Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain Big Boss

A famous female singer of the popular tracks from the Metal Gear Solid franchise has teased a secret project she is working on right now.

Metal Gear Solid tease might lead to something interesting

Donna Burke, singer of Heavens Divide from MGS: Peace Walker, recently revealed some pretty interesting information of what might come. She also sung another popular song Sins of the Father from MGS 5: The Phantom Pain. She took to Twitter to tease a project that she is currently working on.

The post included a video of her inside a recording studio. Her caption of the video was what made it interesting because it is a famous quote from MGS protagonist Solid Snake, which is “Kept you waiting huh?”

Several fans are now speculating from left to right of what she could be teasing. Some suggest that the full-on remake of MGS 1 is coming soon. It could also be a new title, which should be MGS 6.