MediEvil Classic Game PlayStation 4 Remake Gets First Trailer

MediEvil Sir Daniel adventure

Game company Sony Interactive Entertainment recently revealed the first trailer of its upcoming PlayStation 4 remake of popular video game classic MediEvil.

MediEvil PS4 Remake details

Sony promised to deliver this first trailer last week and now they have done it on time. This will also be the first time that everyone will see footage of the remake. It showed the game’s protagonist Sir Daniel with visual enhancements. It was revealed that it has a 4K resolution in addition to several gameplay sequences.

In particular, the trailer compares the first version of the game in PS1 visuals with the new one on the PS4. It actually gives the fans perspective of how much change has come to the gaming industry and how it is possible to have these awesome remakes of the beloved classics.

The last part of the trailer revealed the official release window of the game, which is on 2019.

Check out the awesome trailer below:

Source: YouTube