Marvel’s Spider-Man Gets A New Suit For Free On PS4 Today

Marvel's Spider-Man Sam Raimi Costume

Game developer Insomniac Games recently released a brand new update for the popular action open city video game Marvel’s Spider-man including a new suit.

Marvel’s Spider-Man new suit details

A lot of fans of the web slinging hero were actually disappointed with Insomniac Games that there were several suits missing in their video game, especially with a certain Sam Raimi movie costume. They even went to Twitter to throw some insults to the studio. To satisfy those fans and to show them that they do listen, the developers released a brand new update together with a little treat for everyone. Check out the latest tweet below:

Insomniac Games has now added a brand new Sam Raimi suit to the game. Players can now go around the city of New York and pretend to be Toby Maguire from the movies. To note, this suit actually took months for the developers to make it happen. This is due to the complexity of the situation, maybe due to the legal work that needed to be done before it could be released.

The game is already available on PlayStation 4.

Source: Twitter