Marvel’s Spider-Man Gets New Update Adding New Game+

Game developer Insomniac Games recently announced that their most popular open-city action video game Marvel’s Spider-Man is getting a new update.

Marvel’s Spider-Man finally unlocks new game+

Insomniac Games recently announced that a new update will be released soon that will add new content to the video game. Update 1.07 will introduce a new feature that a lot of fans have been waiting for: New Game+. The developers announced this addition not too long ago and they were working on it, but did not have a specific release date for it. Today, that changed.

Other inclusions

Aside from the new game+ feature, the new update also includes a slew of awesome content to enjoy. The developers revealed that it will include two new trophies and a new difficulty mode to check out. The new trophies will be associated with both completing a run of the new game+ feature and the new Ultimate difficulty completion. There are also other additions like the ability to rotate stickers in Photo Mode and a few other various bug fixes.

The Heist details revealed

In other related news, The Heist DLC got some new information from Insomniac Games. Black Cat will come crawling back into Spider-Man’s life again in this upcoming content. There will some new story missions, new challenges, crimes, trophies and a new faction of enemies.

Three new Spider-Man suits will be included as well. These are the Resilient Suit, the Scarlet Spider II suit, and the Spider-UK suit. The DLC will launch on Oct. 23 and has a price tag of $9.99. They can also get this with the season pass for only $24.99 and they will get all three upcoming add-on packs.

Check out The Heist trailer below:

Source: PlayStation Blog US