Marvel’s Spider-Man Turf Wars Trailer Features J. Jonah Jameson

Marvel's Spider Man pose

A new trailer was recently launched by Sony Interactive Entertainment for popular open-city superhero video game Marvel’s Spider-Man featuring the narration of the favorite Mr. J. Jonah Jameson.

Marvel’s Spider-Man new trailer details

The latest trailer is narrated by none other than the greatest critic of Spider-man: J. Jonah Jameson. He talks about the crimes going on New York City and how the web-slinger hero is one of its causes, Just the Facts style. He informs the players of what kind of trouble the city is in and the types of enemies that they will face when the play the Turf Wars DLC.

The whole plot of Turf Wars is actually centered on Spider-Man’s classic villain Hammerhead who is the one leading the chaos right now. He now uses the technology he gained from Sable agents and has held Detective Yuriko Watanabe hostage.

Aside from the awesome gadgets that Spider-Man uses in the game, the trailer features the new costumes that he will gain. These are the armored black outfit, the classic Iron Spider suit, and somewhat cartoonish suit.

The game is now available exclusively on PlayStation 4. The Turf Wars DLC is also available now for purchase.

Check out the trailer below: