Maid Of Sker Game Developers Now In Legal Trouble Due To Advertising

Maid of Sker Sker House

Game developer Wales Interactive, creators of horror video game Maid of Sker, might be facing legal issues.

Maid of Sker developers facing problems

The Sker House, which was the setting of the game, is actually a real property based in Wales. The house is not featured in the game, but it was replaced with a fictitious hotel. The problem was that the press release of the game said that it includes the mention of it taking place around the grounds of the Sker House.

The estate keeper of the property said that they had discovered the game after seeing a social media post featuring the house itself. Its name was also tagged and advertised as a haunted building. The estate keeper is now considering legal action over the issue, while Wales Publishing contends that it has within its rights to publish details on the existence of Sker House and story.

Wales Interactive, on the other hand, gave this statement:

We believe [estate manager] is irate because of trespassers – possibly ghost hunters – on the grounds taking pictures of the house because of the Maid of Sker game announcement.

Perhaps it’s to do with the fact it’s Halloween and Sker House is renowned for its haunting history that’s inspired many stories over the years. Whatever the reason, we are well within our rights to mention the history of the house.

Since the game announcement – and as a courtesy to the contact – we have edited our content to tone down the use of Sker House and have not used any pictures of the real house. However, this is not a legal requirement.

The game will be launched in Q3 2019. It will be available on PlayStation 4.

Source: Eurogamer