Life is Strange Wavelengths Release Timings Revealed

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The Life is Strange DLC “Wavelengths” is bound to release tomorrow. For fans of the game that are waiting in anticipation, the Life is Strange Facebook page has revealed the release timing of the game around the world.

You can check out the release timings here for your area:

life is strange

For those that own the Deluxe Edition and Ultimate Edition of Life is Strange: True Colors, Wavelengths is included for free. If you have the boxed game or the Standard Edition of the game, you can buy the Deluxe Upgrade to gain access to Wavelengths. The Deluxe Upgrade also contains the Life is Strange Hero Outfit Pack.

Life is Strange Wavelenghts gives us a day-to-day look at Steph’s life on her early days as a DJ at the record store. Experience life as a DJ all the while acting as an advice giver to callers as she consults her trusty D20 dice to “foretell” the future. Choose from a selection of music to play at the record booth as well as advertise for the local sponsors.

Steph is one of the main characters that Alex, who is the protagonist of Life is Strange: True Colors will be interested in.

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