Liberated Graphic Novel Video Game Coming To PS4 This Year

Liberated interactive comic book

Game publisher Walkabout Games and L.INC, and developer Atomic Wolf recently announced the upcoming graphic novel video game Liberated.

Liberated coming to PS4

The upcoming video game is an interactive dystopian graphic novel game that unfolds its story like a comic book. It has four chapters or comic book issues for this matter, and they describe the story from a perspective of different characters.

The game will launch this year. It will be available on PlayStation 4.

Check out the overview below:


Liberated is an interactive dystopian graphic novel that unfolds on the pages of a comic book. The game is made up of four chapters—comic book issues showing the story from a perspective of different characters.

It is set in a dark world in the near future where technology turned against people. Under the pretext of ensuring security and order, many civil rights of citizens are being violated and modern technology has become a tool of the authorities to manipulate people. People are being surveilled in every possible way—via social media, CCTV, their online payments, device tracking and many others. Liberated is also a story about authoritarianism: about how it appears in a democratic society, gradually develops and ultimately tears it down.


The story presented in Liberated focuses on the fate of a group of people which has decided to oppose the new social order by using various methods of resistance even resorting to violence. On the other side there are representatives of the police and government, for whom the priority is to ensure order by all means possible, sometimes even by violating human freedoms. By exploring the story from different perspectives and both sides of the conflict, player learns the history of a world and begins to understand the motivations of various characters. The player also learns that any action and any decision will bring consequences and story can change.


The gameplay is made up of 2.5D platformer, where the player moves in 2D within 3D environments, story elements presented within heavily stylized and animated comic book frames, quick time event sequences, and branching dialogue.

Check out the trailer here: