Left Alive Reveals New Launch Trailer Featuring All Protagonists

Left Alive female MC

Game company Square Enix recently released a brand new launch trailer for recently launched video game Left Alive.

Left Alive launch trailer revealed

The new launch trailer focused on how the three protagonists survived throughout the whole game. It showed how many sacrifices they did in order to survive and turn things around for the betterment of a country left in shambles by an invasion. It revealed how they meet up in some portions of the story and how they combined their strengths to fight off the invaders. By the end of the video it showed a certain individual that might be behind this ordeal.

The video also showed how the World of Tanks free DLCs were included in the game. It was stated that these are only items that can be unlocked and are purely cosmetic with no benefit of increased stats on gameplay. The World of Tanks DLC is downloadable for players on PlayStation 4.

The game is already available for PS4.

Check out the launch trailer below: