Left Alive PS4 Version Finally Gone Gold With New Details

Left Alive three MCs

Game company Square Enix just revealed that upcoming video game Left Alive PS4 version has finally gone gold with new details revealed.

Left Alive PS4 version now gone gold

Square Enix revealed a new live gameplay for the game on the recent live show vol. 2. Live stream. During that time, the game company also announced that the PS4 version of the game has finally gone gold while the other platform is still in the works and being tweaked. It should be only a few days after the PS4 version in Japan releases together with the western release.

The new gameplay sequence reveals some parts of Chapter 6 in the game. It has a lot of advance features that were not found in the previous gameplay videos. It answers the question of the difficulty of the game when it is on this part.

Theme song revealed and time lapse vid

The theme song of the game was also previewed in a new commercial. The band Man with a Mission sang the song titled with the same name of the game.

As a treat, a time-lapse video of Yoji Shinkawa drawing the game’s protagonists was revealed as well.

The game will launch in Japan on Feb. 28 and March 5 in the west. It will launch on PS4.