Left Alive New Gameplay Revealed With Shinji Hashimoto Commentating

Left Alive

Game publisher Square Enix recently revealed the new gameplay video for upcoming Front Mission spinoff video game Left Alive.

Left Alive new gameplay revealed

Square Enix just published a new gameplay video with around eight minutes of footage for the game. This time around, game producer Shinji Hashimoto is behind the controller and yes, that is the same guy who made the Final Fantasy 7 remaster on PlayStation 4 in 2014.

The footage reveals Hashimoto showing one of the first chapters of the game, where players control Olga. He starts looking for a civilian and trying to escort them to the nearest shelter. The game actually has a system that tells players how to evacuate the civilians and follow a certain route.

The video shows how a character gets back on its feet once the health falls to zero if they carry a regeneration medicine and inject it in time. The game also has the losing blood status ailment if the character is severely wounded, making them lose health over time. Players will need to use certain healing items to cure this issue.

The game will launch on PS4. It will be available on March 5 in the west.

Check out the trailer below: