Kojima Productions Reveal New Ludens Figure With Anime Look

Kojima Productions lumens fig

Popular video game studio Kojima Productions recently partnered up with a popular Japanese toy company to release a new type of Ludens figure with a new look.

Kojima Productions releases anime Ludens figure

The game studio recently partnered up with Japanese figure companies Kotobukiya and Good Smile Company to showcase a new kind of Ludens figure at the recently Wonder Festival in japan. The new version is an anime girl with the theme of the Ludens form.

The new version has similar armor and gear that the original one has, but with some modifications to fit the female body. She has a more dressed-down version of the gear in the Figma version of the figure. The anime face can be covered up with the signature skull mask as well to make it look like the original version.


The Kotobukiya version has some similarities to the Good Smile version like adjustable joints for poses. The Kotobukiya one though has a giant spear and a slightly more detailed armor.