Kingdom Hearts: The Story So Far Available Again On SE Store

Game company Square Enix revealed that the most-sought video game Kingdom Hearts: The Story So Far is now available for purchase again on the Square Enix Store.

Kingdom Hearts: The Story so far available again

The third sequel of the popular video game finally launched a few weeks ago and a lot of fans were satisfied with the result. There were others though that were lost with the lore and wanted to experience the rest of the story. Good thing is that the Story So Far game is now available again, which was very rare to find before this announcement.

The Square Enix Store is finally restocking the game and it can be purchased for only $39.99 for the PlayStation 4. The only problem is that there might be little stock of it so interested gamers and fans might want to get one as quickly as possible. This will be in physical form, which will be more worth it.

This collection will include the first two mainline titles in their 1.5 and 2.5 ReMIX forms with every side story, cinematic, and other components of the franchise. This will even include 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue.