Kill La Kill The Game: If New Details On Story And Practice Modes

Kill la Kill the game: If Satsuki

Game developer Arc System Works recently released more information about the upcoming battle action video game Kill la Kill the Game: If.

Kill la Kill the Game: If details

There are several new details revealed by the developers. Check them out below:

Story Mode

In Story Mode, players control protagonist Satsuki Kiryuuin and proceed through the game while fighting various characters.

Starting from the “Tutorial,” which teaches the basics of how to play, players will fight against various enemies while following a story that combines a battle format and more unique to Story Mode.

The scenario is an original story that branches from episode eight of the anime, and is written by original writer Kazuki Nakashima.

At the end of the First Naturals Election, the one that appeared before Satsuki was Ragyou, not Nui!? Why did Ragyou appear? What is this series of inexplicable events?

New Game Modes

Kill la Kill the Game: IF has more than just competitive game modes. There are also a number of single-player modes you can enjoy.

Practice Modes


Re-experience the tutorial stage that you first played in Story Mode. Learn the game’s basic controls under the guidance of Sewing Club president Shirou Iori. This mode is recommended for players who are playing for the first time or want to learn how the characters operate from the get-go.

Training Mode

Use your favorite character, choose a stage and opponent character, and freely edit the settings of the CPU’s behavior. This mode is recommended for players who want to practice combos or learn the ins and outs of a character.

Win-Through Challenge

Continue to fight your way past randomly selected CPU characters using a character of your choice. Your HP will carry over into the next battle, but will recover a certain amount for each battle you win. Test your skills to see how many battles you can win.

COVERS Challenge

A one-versus-many mode where the goal is to mow down the COVERS that appear. Defeating an enemy will cause it to drop various items, and your Ketsui Level and character stats will rise while fighting.

There are three types of COVERS Challenges:

  • One-Minute Challenge: Defeat the highest possible amount of enemies in one minute. It is vital to obtain the “Time Extension Item” only dropped by enemies in this challenge to extend your time while fighting.
  • 100-Man Challenge: A time-attack challenge to defeat 100 enemies in the fastest possible time.
  • Endless Battle: Keep fighting enemies until your HP is fully depleted.

The game will launch worldwide in 2019. It will be available on PlayStation 4.