Kill La Kill: IF Official Western Launch Date Revealed With Bonus

Kill la Kill IF The Game Limited Box Edition

Game publisher Arc System Works recently announced that upcoming 3D action fighting video game Kill la Kill: IF will be launching in a few months.

Kill la Kill: IF gets official western release date

The upcoming video game will launch this coming July 26. It will be available on North America and Europe on the same day. The Japanese version will be launched a day before, July 25, which was actually accidentally announced, but now confirmed.

The Japanese first-print copies will get a bonus, which is the Two-Star Goku Uniform Mako Mankanshoku acrylic key chain. The key chain was designed by Mago, famous for their work with the anime’s goods in the past. There is a price tag for the western Limited Edition, but there are no images showing the contents or any other information about it yet. It might be announced later on.

Limited Edition JP details

The Japanese version will get a limited edition that will contain several awesome items. Aside from the exclusive box illustrated by anime character designer Sushio, the Limited Box edition will include three other items:

Original Art Book – A book filled with production materials including illustrations and background visuals, 3D model materials supervised and edited by Sushio of the original anime staff, and more.

Original Soundtrack – An original soundtrack featuring songs used in teh game.

“Mako Croquette” Squeeze Toy Key Chain

Downloadable content characters

There are two DLC characters that will be free to redeem this summer:

Mako Mankanshoku – Mako is a second year student at Honnouji Academy. She is an uber air-head, so her unbelievable actions never cease to shock and awe the people around her. She strongly believes that she and Ryuko are best of friends even though they have just met.

Ultimate Double Naked DTR – The ultimate form of the Anti-Honnouji Academy Mechanized Weapon: Dotonbori Robo DTR (Dotonbori Robo), developed by Takarada Conglomerate under Nudist Beach’s technical assistance. The final form is achieved by combining both Aikuro Mikisugi’s and Tsumugu Kinagase’s DTRs.

Check out the trailer below:

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