Just Shapes And Beats: Hardcore Edition To Launch On PS4 Soon

Just Shapes & Beats: Hardcore Edition

Game developer Berzerk Studio recently announced that upcoming video game Just Shapes & Beats will be coming to the Sony console soon.

Just Shapes & Beats: Hardcore Edition launch details

The Hardcore Edition of the game will launch this coming May 10 for the PlayStation 4. It will have a price tag of $19.99 only. This new version, according to Mike Ducarme, has every stage redesigned in some form or another. It will give the players a whole new experience.

Check out the overview below:


Just Shapes & Beats is a chaotic co-op musical bullet-hell based on three simple things: avoid Shapes, move to the kick-ass Beats, and die, repeatedly.

It’s a new spin on the SHMUP genre, adding a layer of cooperation that’s at the core of the game: because everything is better with friends. Play alone or with up to four players, local or online, through the game’s Story Mode or Challenge Runs.

Key Features

  • Music to your ears, and hands – You like music? So. Do. We. That’s why we have 35 hand crafted stages with licensed tracks from over 20 chiptune and EDM artists. Listen to the Soundtrack on Spotify.
  • Friends make everything better – Gather up your squad and play up to 4 player co-op, drop-in drop-out, either all on your couch for a house party, or an online party! Don’t have/like your friends? Make new friends by playing a few quick online challenge runs. Let us pick your new buds for the next hours; strangers are just friends you haven’t met yet.
  • Something for everyone – The Story mode helps you learn the ropes with more accessible tracks and an optional casual gameplay mode. When you think you’re ready, Challenge Runs is where you get to prove yourself: get judged on your skills by playing through randomly picked tracks. Need some kind of training montage to get better? Rip your sleeves off and practice the tracks you’re struggling to master in the Playlist.
  • Paaartyyyyy – Let the game play in Party Mode and light up your social gatherings, + you can even have people playing those cool party stages while the music plays if they’re into that, because WE’VE THOUGHT ABOUT EVERYTHING. So yeah, go ahead and throw the most epic party of your life thanks to us—you’re welcome.

Check out the trailer below:

Source: PlayStation Blog