Just Cause 4 New Trailer Features Main Rival Gabriela Morales

Just Cause 4 Gabriela Morales

Game developer Avalanch Studios and publisher Square Enix revealed a new trailer for upcoming open-world mayhem-induced video game Just Cause 4.

Just Cause 4 trailer introduces main villain

The new trailer focuses on Rico’s rival in this iteration and also the main villain of the story: Gabriela Morales. The developers are trying to make her a different type of villain compared to the previous ones in the Just Cause series. She is the reflection of the protagonist Rico. She grew up in the rough South American country of Solis (which is fiction), and became a great fighter and established the Black Hand.

Grabriela thinks that Rico’s dedication and strength comes from trying to not live in fear. This gets her on a more personal level and perceives him as a great threat. The Black Hand Organization will be the main opposing force in this title and they have access to a lot of experimental weapons. This will make Rico’s life more hellish and dangerous.

The game will launch on Dec. 4. It will be available on PlayStation 4.