Judgment Producer Makes Vow To Not Let Things End Like This

Judgment protagonist

Yakuza Studio’s producer Daisuke Sato recently made a statement regarding the recent case of a voice actor related to their video game Judgment.

Judgment producer vows to find a way

Just recently, actor Pierre Taki was arrested due to his violation for the use of cocaine, and this is a very serious offense in Japan. Taki was one of the actors that lent the voice and character model for Kyohei Hamura. Since his arrest and confession of the crime, several companies have already severed their ties to him and removed anything related including the replacement of the voice actor for Olaf in Kingdom Hearts III for the Japanese dub.

After SEGA’s statement on their stance of the subject, Daisuke Sato recently tweeted that he will definitely not let things end this way. He refuses for Taki’s contribution to the game to be completely be wasted and vowed to bring him back in one form or another. He did not specify that he will be coming back for this game, but it could be for another one. Several Japanese fans have already expressed their desire for a sequel.

CyberConnect 2 executive gives his comment

CyberConnect 2’s president Hiroshi Matsuyama also commented on this case as well. He criticized the companies that have cut off their ties to Taki. He also criticized the other companies who does this practice as well.

The game will hopefully launch on the West this coming June 25 if no delays are announced. It will be released exclusively for the PlayStation 4.