Judgment Western Sales High Enough, Could Have Sequel

Judgment protagonist

Game publisher SEGA recently revealed that the Yakuza spin-off video game Judgment has gotten a hefty amount of sales in the west, which could result in a good development for the future.

Judgment western sales are up and good

The spin-off has exceeded SEGA’s expectations in the west, which is why it is now planning to make a sequel sometime in the future. Game producer Daisuke Sato was very impressed with the sales and has convinced him that it could have a sequel sometime in the future.

Sato’s said that they would like to keep working in more games in this upcoming series. This is still not a full confirmation that a sequel is underway already, but it is a glimpse of hope that there could be.

Aside from the commercial success, the game gained tons of positive reviews. Reviewers particularly liked its story, detective mechanics and the rendition of Tokyo. Our review particularly gave it a high score.

The game is already available on PlayStation 4.

Source: MeriStation