Judgment Gets New Trailer Revealing New Remodeled Kyohei Hamura

Judgment Kyohei Hamura new character model

Game publisher SEGA just recently revealed the new model for a certain character in upcoming video game Judgment.

Judgment Hamura gets remodeled

After the recent incident of actor Pierre Taki for allegedly using cocaine, SEGA made some changes to the game in particular, his character model. Kyohei Hamura, the intimidating captain of the Matsugane Family, gets a new character model.

This new model is an original one and not a scan of a certain actor this time around. However, the character’s movements and lip-sync is still the same. This might have been done in order to save time and effort. So far, it just works and almost nothing has changed except for that character model.

The game will launch on PlayStation 4. It will be available this coming June 25 for the Americas and Europe. It was already out in Japan last year.

Official website here.