How To Get Chorizo In Far Cry 6

How to get Chorizo in Far Cry 6

When I play Far Cry 6, all I can think of is Chorizo. I’m not talking about that delicious Portuguese cuisine, but the special Amigo you can unlock in Far Cry 6. If you haven’t unlocked this cute companion, then you are in luck. Here’s a guide on how to get Chorizo in Far Cry 6.

How To Get Chorizo: What Are Amigos?

Amigos are your companions in your game. Each Amigos has its special skills and traits. For instance, Guapo is more of a fighter Amigo. He can chew your enemies’ limbs, take in more damage, and revive on its own once he is fallen from battle. You can unlock special traits by doing a specific task with your Amigo. The more you use your Amigo, the more powerful/useful they can be by unlocking their special traits.

Steps In How To Get Chorizo In Far Cry 6

When you get your first Amigo Guapo, you’ll be able to access the Amigo menu. Here you can see that Chorizo is still locked and a hint on how to get Chorizo. You will need to go through the story missions until you leave Isla Santuario.

How to get Chorizo in Far Cry 6: Amigos

When you reach Madrugada, the next mission will lead you to meet the Montero family. Head to the quest location where you will meet Philly. At this point, you will be able to have a glimpse of the cuteness of Chorizo. But it will be cut short as Philly rushes off with Chorizo and directs you to another mission where you will meet one of the members of the Montero family.

Go to the next mission and find Camilla, also known as La Espada. After you successfully escape the plantation, Camilla will lead you to the Montero camp and here you will find Chorizo. But hold your horses, you still need to do a couple of quests before you gain Chorizo’s trust.

The first mission is to feed Chorizo with his favorite meat—croc meat. And to do that, you will need to kill a couple of crocs. Read the post near Chorizo’s house for clues as to where to find crocodiles in the area, or you can find it here:

How to get Chorizo In Far Cry 6: Crocodile hunting spot

Once you battle it out with the crocs and attain their precious meat. Head back to the camp and fill up Chorizo’s belly. This will lead you to the second mission which is way easier than the first. Just follow Chorizo around the camp as he leads you to his hidden treasures.

How To Get Chorizo In Far Cry 6: Final Thoughts

Viola! You have now unlocked Chorizo. Unlike the fierce Guapo, Chorizo will use his charm and cuteness to distract the enemy, perfect for those who prefer stealthy gameplays. He also has unlockable special traits that allow him to tag nearby enemies, regenerate some of his HP, and dig up special resources.

We hope that this guide on how to get Chorizo in Far Cry 6 helped you. Were you able to unlock Chorizo? Do you prefer him over Guapo? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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