Hitman 2 Gets Popular Actor Sean Bean As Scheduled Target

Hitman 2 Sean Bean

Game developer IO Interactive recently revealed that popular actor Sean Bean’s likeness will be making an appearance in upcoming stealth video game Hitman 2. Guess what his role is?

Hitman 2 employs Sean Bean

The popular actor will be appearing in IO Interactive’s stealth action video game as its first Elusive Target. This will be a timed character that will appear in the world of the game that players can hunt down as Agent 47. Sean Bean will take on the character Mark Faba and his Elusive Target mission will be called The Undying. It will start a week after the release on Nov. 20. Players will have to assassinate this character within 10 days.

A new trailer was also released by game publisher Warner Bros. featuring the actor. His character boasts of his “ability” to anticipate the assassination attempts of his enemies and even ends the life of his companion who was only taking notes. He taunts Agent 47 behind the camera and dares him to come to Miami.

The game will launch on Nov. 13. It will be available on PlayStation 4.

Check out the trailer below: