Hitman 2 Gets Reminder Trailer About Sean Bean Character Hit

Hitman 2 Sean Bean Target

Game developer IO Interactive recently released a brand new trailer for recently released stealth action video game Hitman 2 reminding its players about Sean Bean.

Hitman 2 trailer Sean Bean reminder

The new trailer reminds the gamers about the Elusive Targets feature, which are timed one-shot contracts. If a player fails the mission, they will not be able to replay it. This means that they will have to get it right or else the chance will be gone. This video focuses heavily on the first Elusive Target, which is Sean Bean’s character Mark Faba.

Mark Faba is a former MI5 agent that chose to turn to a life of freelance assassination. He scoffs at the idea that someone out there is about to kill him and has become popular of faking his own death. This game him the name The Undying, which gives players the hint that they have to make sure that they have killed him.

On Nov. 20, the first Elusive Target will be launched for players to try out The Undying contract based in Miami. It will be available for fourteen days only and will end on Dec. 4.


For players who successfully assassinated the target, they will be able to get the Explosive Pen. It allows players to embed an explosive pen into their victims, which will shortly explode. There are two other items that are available around the map, which are the Flash Grenade Robot, and the Earphones Garotte.

The game is available on PlayStation 4.

Check out the trailer below: