Hitman 2 Gets New Holiday Hoarders Trailer Featuring New Items

Hitman 2 Agent 47 Santa

Game developer IO Interactive recently announced that stealth action video game Hitman 2 has launched its festive event right with a new trailer.

Hitman 2 new trailer gets festive

The new trailer actually features the holiday themes that the developers introduced into the world of the game. Agent 47 is also getting involved and joining in the festivities with tons of holiday themed items that can be used for assassination.

Holiday Hoarders is a festive event that will be centered on the holiday season. Players will try out different kinds of new weaponry to stealthily eliminate his targets. These include a candy cane striped crowbars and shovels wrapped with Xmas wrapping paper.

A Santa outfit is also available for Agent 47 to wear. Just like the standard version of the suit, it makes him look like the real deal with a pair of sophisticated glasses and a big bushy beard.

The game is now available on PlayStation 4

Check out the trailer below: