Brand New Guilty Gear For 2020 Revealed At EVO 2019

Guilty Gear 2020 Sol and Ky

Game developer Arc System Works recently revealed a new title for the popular action fighting video game series Guilty Gear.

Guilty Gear for 2020 looking good

EVO 2019 was a hotbed for new announcements of upcoming game titles that might be coming soon or next year. One of those announcements revealed a new game for the popular series Guilty Gear.

The teaser trailer started, as usual, with two of the iconic characters in the series: Ky Kiske and Sol Badguy. Their swords were first shown then were brandished and clashed in spectacular fashion. Sol seemingly had the same looks while Ky was different. He had short hair, wore a white jacket, black pants, and seemingly more casual compared to his previous iterations.

The last part revealed a new fighter coming to the series, who branded two katanas and a retractable mask. He could be someone neutral or maybe the next villain of the series.

The upcoming game is teased to launch next year. No platform was revealed, but its assumed that it will launch on PlayStation 4.

Here’s that teeny teaser of what’s to come: