Granblue Fantasy Versus Developed By Arc System Works Revealed

Granblue Fantasy Versus Charlotta

Game developer Arc System Works recently announced that Cygames’ popular mobile JRPG in Japan will get a spin-off action fighting game called Granblue Fantasy Versus.

Granblue Fantasy Versus details

The upcoming spin-off fighting game was announced during Cygames’ 2018 Granblue Festival in Japan. As a result, the fans of the mobile game got the first look of what to expect in this upcoming game, which will be developed by popular action fighting video game developer Arc System Works.

The game will be an accessible fighting game that both fans of the mobile JRPG and fighting games will be able to enjoy. There are only five characters confirmed to be included: Gran, Katalina, Charlotta, Lancelot, and Ferry.

The launch of this upcoming fighting game will be sometime in 2019. It will be available on PlayStation 4.

Check out the trailer below:

Check out the official website here.