God Of War Made Single-Player Games Have Higher Value Again

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11-11: Memories Retold creative director Yoan Fanise told a publication in an exclusive interview that God of War made single-player games matter again.

God of War a good thing

Fanise and Aardman animation studio producer George Rowes discussed with a publication during Gamescom 2018 the value of single-player games. They also talked about how publishers might be shifting to such games now because they have started to realize that multiplayer is not a necessity anymore.

Rowes stated that the value of the story is important in order to push the format of games forward. If they want games to mature as an art form they need this kind of games then. He said that gamers these days are simply interested in storytelling. Even the games that are not triple-A ranking, they are shared by word of mouth.

Fanise said that the industry might be changing since the publishers have realized the value of single-player storytelling.

I think things are changing. God of War was a very good thing for the industry because you can see that despite the fact that there is no multiplayer, it sold well. It’s good because it’s just about whether it’s interesting, and whether the story is compelling.

Even the competition is realizing the true value of single-player games. Microsoft has acquisitioned some studios like Ninja Theory, which proves their interest. Fanise guessed that probably they are looking for some diversity in their lineup.

11-11: Memories Retold will launch on PlayStation 4. It will be released on Nov. 9.

Source: DualShockers