God Eater 3 – Tips On How To Effectively Defeat Aragamis

God Eater 3 fight

In every mission of God Eater 3, there one or two major Aragamis to fight and they can be very dangerous if you do not know what you are doing. Here are some tips and tricks to try out in order to effectively dispatch such monsters with little difficulty.

Before entering missions, it is imperative to check the elemental weaknesses and strengths of the major Aragamis you are about to face. Always use melee weapons with elements that weaken the defenses of such opponents. Not only will it allow you major damage, it can also shorten battles because it can weaken opponents in a shorter time and that lessens damage to your party and exhausting your supplies.

Also check the elemental strengths of the Aragamis you are about to face. If you will bring shields that have a weakness to its elements, then the damage it will deal will double and might even knock your character out in one hit. Always bring shields either without vulnerabilities or have resistance against that particular element. Remember: double check the shields you bring before entering combat.

There are missions in God Eater 3 that will not give you a preview of the next type of Aragami that you will face. This can be a problem if you are dependent with the melee weapons and its elemental strengths. To combat that problem, all you need to do is get proficient with using long range weapons and the elemental bullets you use in combat. There are four kinds of long range weapons: the rifle type, the shotgun type, the sniper rifle type, and the new laser type.

Use the best ranged weapon you can use efficiently in battle before trying out others. It should be the ones that you are comfortable using so that defeating enemies will be only take shorter time and easier. This is also an efficient way of breaking Aragami parts to exploit its weaknesses.

The number one priority in God Eater 3, no God Eater battles is to always destroy body parts in order to gain the advantage. The reason? Not only does it stun the Aragami and paralyze its movements, it also lets players deal almost double the damage than normal. It is the most effective way to bring down enemies faster than with regular attacks. It also gives you bonus items as rewards after the battle is over, which is more the reason to do so. Always hit the obvious parts like the head, chest, arms, feet, and others.

For supporter types and the like, traps will be very useful items to use in battle in order to paralyze or restrain the movements of the Aragamis. Snare traps are very useful ones to bring since it paralyzes enemies for a second whenever they step or touch it. This gives ample time to deal damage or get away from its range to heal. Bind traps slows down movement and can be very useful against quick Aragamis that flutter around the battlefield. Venom traps poisons enemies and slowly drains away life from them. Not that effective, but can seep away a few life bars.

Use these tips and it will definitely improve your chances in taking down those large Aragamis in your current missions. Also check out the game review here.